What is Mental Health?

Mental Health Spectrum

Mental health and mental illness are part of a scale or ‘spectrum’ just as physical health and illness are. Many things can lead us to move up and down the spectrum at different times of our life.

Some things that might harm our mental health are: 

  • having friendship difficulties such as lots of arguments

  • feeling under pressure at school, like during exams

  • feeling worried about the health of a friend or family member

  • being bullied – in person or online.

Some things that might protect and improve our mental health are: 

  • having a close friend you trust, or a supportive group of friends

  • having a teacher or other staff member at school you can go to if you need help

  • enjoying time at home with your family

  • having hobbies or interests you enjoy taking part in

  • eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of sleep 

We all have mental health, just as we all have physical health. Being mentally healthy means that: 

  • we feel good about ourselves

  • we can make and keep positive relationships with others

  • we feel able to manage our feelings rather than feeling overwhelmed by them

  • we have interests or hobbies that we enjoy

  • we feel hopeful and positive about the future. 

Good mental health helps us to cope with life’s ups and downs. Sometimes it's best to ask for support from others if we need it

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