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Dare 2 Dream

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A member of Advance Trust

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Executive Headteacher: Jay Hart

Head of School: Paul Yeomans

Executive Principal: Liz Hayward  



Values and Ethos

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Our aim is to promote our key aspirations in giving pupils the opportunity to follow our key message of Dare 2 Dream.  By daring to follow simple values and rules, pupils will reach their dreams.


Dream to us is defined as:


Decison Making

Respecting Others

Emotions and Actions

Achieve and Aspire



Each element of DREAM gives advice and understanding of what's expected for pupils to be successful as an individual person but also to help in their learning.


We aim:


To provide a supportive and safe environment in which individuals are valued and encouraged to develop educationally, emotionally and behaviourally.


To develop in pupils the necessary skills, qualities and understanding in order to function happily in post-school life.


To encourage pupils to become informed, responsible and caring members of society.


To assist pupils to respect and understand the feelings, views and abilities of other people.


To offer a carefully differentiated, stimulating and enriching curriculum which encourages and maximises pupil achievement.


To promote a climate in which achievement and success in all aspects of the lives of pupils is celebrated.


To create an environment in which individuals are encouraged to accept responsibility for their own behaviour and development.


To encourage in our pupils a caring and responsible attitude towards their immediate and the wider environment.



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