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Executive Headteacher: Jay Hart

Head of School: Paul Yeomans

Executive Principal: Liz Hayward  



Physical Education Page

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PE at Riversides


A lot of emphasis of the PE teaching and learning is on advancing the pupils physically from whatever ability they arrive at school with. Every child needs to be fit, active and healthy in order to carry out everyday tasks and to work to the best of their ability.


The PE curriculum at Riversides covers the key areas of study at both KS2 & KS3.


Invasion games, Net/Wall Games, Striking and Fielding Games, Athletics, Swimming and Outdoor Education are taught throughout the academic year.




Autumn Term - Invasion Games


Spring Term - Net/Wall Games


Summer Term - Striking and Fielding Games/ Athletics


Pupils in most classes take part in at least 2 hours of Sport and Phyisical activity per week (including swimming).


Pupils also have the opportunity to take part in Outdoor and Adventurous Activities for at least 1 week durung the year.

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Riversides Schemes of work  (Examples)

KS3 Autumn 1 Basketball Scheme of Work KS3 Autumn 2 Tag Rugby Scheme of Work KS3 Spring 1 Volleyball Scheme of Work KS3 Spring 2 Badminton Scheme of Work KS3 Summer 1 Cricket Scheme of Work KS3 Summer 2 Tennis Scheme of Work Summer rotation Rounders Scheme of Work Summer rotation Athletics Scheme of Work English Maths Science ICT & Computing Humanities MFL D&T Food Technology Physical Education PSD RE Outdoor-Education-Advisers-National-Guidance-2

Click on link below for National guidance for the management of outdoor learning, off-site visits and learning outside the classroom.

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