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Executive Headteacher: Jay Hart

Head of School: Paul Yeomans

Executive Principal: Liz Hayward  



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At Riversides we pride ourselves on the way mathematics is delivered to our pupils. The children attend at least 4 lessons a week dedicated to the subject as well as mathematics being integrated into to a range of other subjects with the use of cross curricular links.


For example in geography, the children may be studying world locations and their respective weather patterns. Automatically we have acquired a great opportunity to use mathematics by measuring distances as well as weather for which we could analyse rain fall and graph accordingly.


Over the last year each child in KS2 and lower KS3 spend the first 10 minutes of each day completing a range of differentiated questions, which we call ‘Quick Maths’. This has enabled recall of times table, number bonds and percentages to be vastly improved and the results have been reflected in the half termly times table week that is run throughout the whole school, KS2, KS3 and KS4.


Currently schemes of work for each class are written with National curriculum objectives in mind. This enables class teachers to comprehensively cover all areas at least twice throughout the year, reinforcing student understanding and allowing areas for progression. KS3 and KS4 students taught in line with GCSE requirements as well as Entry level and Functional skills mathematics. For students on alternative curriculum the same ethos is used by applying mathematics to the environment the student is in.


The teaching of mathematics to KS2 is carried out by each respective class teacher. KS3 and KS4 pupils receive all lessons from a dedicated mathematics teacher.


We are fortunate at Riversides to be part of pyramid of mainstream schools that meet termly to discuss mathematics. Through these meetings we are able to share ideas and implement best practice into our school environment which has already proven successful in a mainstream environment.


Qualifications are key to every pupil’s success. The right qualifications can enable pupils to remain in education or equally provide employment opportunities. At Riversides every attempt is made to facilitate the right qualification to the right pupil and because of this we use a range of examining boards to provide the right exam.



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Pupils calculating the surface area and volume of various component parts of computers.


Pupils calculating angles using an analogue clock and the location of the sun.


A pupil  checking his calculations


Pupils solving real life problems using  directions, distances  and co-ordinates with the aid of protractors and rulers.

The school 'Times Table Champion'   is the pupil who has achieved the highest level amongst all the pupils in the entire school (KS2, KS3 and KS4).


The current highest level achieved  is Ruthenium.  At this level the children are expeted to know all times tables to 20 with the exception of 17,  18 and 19 's.


The current champion is a Year 6 (KS2) pupil.


Well done.


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