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Executive Headteacher: Jay Hart

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Humanities Page

Geography at Riversides


Geography is a popular subject at Riversides School and is taught throughout the curriculum from Years 4-9. At Key Stage 2, the pupils study a range of Primary Geography units through their theme-based curriculum.

At Key Stage 3, our two Year 8 groups will be studying a variety of topics covering Weather and Climate, Brazil, The European Union, Transport and the Haiti Earthquake. All these topics are chosen carefully to enthuse the pupils about the subject and hopefully help them choose to study


Geography at KS4.

In an exciting development for the next academic year, a new AQA run Geography GCSE course has been discovered which is a three year rolling programme. The intention therefore is for the Year 9 to begin studying it in September beginning with a topic on Natural Hazards. If this is successful, hopefully a number of the Year 9 students will opt to continue studying the subject in Years 10 and 11 towards a GCSE qualification.



“Everywhere's been where it is ever since it was first put there. It's called geography.”


Terry Pratchett, Author of the Discworld Series of books.

History at Riversides



History is an extremely popular subject at Riversides School, and is enjoyed by a wide number of our pupils. It is embedded in the school curriculum throughout Years 4-11.


At Key Stage 2, it is taught as part of a theme-based curriculum with topics such as Toys, The Victorians, and with The Romans featuring heavily.


At Key Stage 3, both the Year 8 groups will be studying a programme with the intention of preparing them for studying the subject at Key Stage 4 and hopefully for GCSE qualifications. As a result, Mr Green has chosen the following topics for KS3 this year – US Civil Rights, The Industrial Revolution, Native American Indians, The English Civil War and The French Revolution.


The popularity of the subject is heavily seen at KS4, where there are going to be three groups running in Years 9-11, with two of the groups working towards a GCSE in the subject. Year 9 will be studying Weimar Germany, Germany in World War II and The Cold War this year, with a number of skills being taught to prepare them to choose the subject for GCSE.


In a new development, a new GCSE Entry Level Certificate qualification has been found by Mr Green and both the Year 10 and Year 11 students who have chosen the subject, will be studying this new programme. It includes units on the History of Medicine and The American West, and involves the students producing three pieces of coursework in order to obtain their qualification.




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